This Week In Comics with Fake Stan Lee!

This Week In Comics with Fake Stan Lee is a humorous, weekly review of all the major news and events in the world of comics and comics culture. Hosted by internet sensation Fake Stan Lee, This Week in Comics is like Comedy Central's Tosh.0 or E!'s The Soup for the sequential arts. This exciting new web series is currently looking to partner with the right website to deliver weekly wisecracks to the ever-growing comics-savvy audience. Excelsior!

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About The Show!

From spandex superheroes to big-budget comics movies and TV - from comical cosplayers to comics creators - nothing is safe from the critical eye of Fake Stan Lee on This Week in Comics!

TWIC is a humorous, weekly review of all the major news and events in the world of comics and comics culture, hosted by the internet's favorite fictional comics celebrity, Fake Stan Lee.

Following the familiar format as such popular comedy news reviews like SNL's Weekend Update, E!'s The Soup, and Comedy Central's Tosh.0, TWIC presents a series of up-to-the-minute jokes about the latest in comics creation and culture, punctuated with hilarious pre-taped segments, and rolled into one tidy viral video package ready for branding. Watch the pilot episode for a glimpse of the potential.

Here's a sampling of TWIC's other sensational segments:

The Fake Stan Lee Interviews
Fake Stan visits with some of comic's biggest names. Paul Dini (creator of Batman: The Animated Series) volunteered for the pilot episode, and other comics luminaries have expressed interest in sitting down with Stan.
Fake Todd McFarlane's Toy Corner
Fake Stan Lee's long-time pal Fake Todd McFarlane looks at the latest in action figures and toys - with his signature dark and twisted take.
Convention Coverage
Fake Stan takes it to the streets, visiting comics conventions great and small across the nation to interact with real cosplayers and con-goers.

And that's just the beginning! Between the steady stream of comics current events and these pre-taped segments, TWIC is a series with a nearly unlimited supply of fresh material.

TWIC is currently looking to partner with a visionary comics or media website to deliver weekly wisecracks to the ever-growing comics-savvy audience. If you or someone you know might be interested, please contact us.

About The Team!

Kevin McShane

Kevin McShane (Producer/Host)

An accomplished director, writer, and performer, Kevin has won multiple Student Emmys for his work both in front of and behind the camera. Kevin brings years of improv comedy experience to the role of Fake Stan, as well as a deep love for the comics medium - as he is also a self-published cartoonist.

Tim Jennings

Tim Jennings (Producer/Writer)

Since moving to Los Angeles eight years ago, Tim has made a career doing things that most fanboys would would kill to call their job. From playing the character Gamertag on G4's "X-Play" to taking comedic pot-shots at the world of porn on PlayboyTV's "The Stash" he's been lucky enough to find writing/producing gigs where having a blast is just part of the job. Of course, the world of comics is the next logical step and Tim couldn't be happier to be aboard the TWIC team.

Alan Kistler

Alan Kistler (Writer)

Alan is an actor and freelance writer living in New York. Recognized as a comic book historian by comic book companies and major media outlets, he is also the creator and host of the web-series and podcast Crazy Sexy Geeks.

Jake Shembeckler

Jake Shembeckler (Writer)

Jake has worked in comics, film, and television for a bit of time now, mostly writing/producing serious stuff, but occasionally comedy. He's currently a writer/producer on something comic-booky on the television and, why yes, that is a pseudonym.

About Fake Stan Lee

Fake Stan LeeFake Stan Lee is the creation of veteran improv comedian Kevin McShane. Originally performed for Kevin's fellow cartoonists, Fake Stan Lee found a life of his own when Kevin took a camera with him to ComicCon one year. From there, Fake Stan blossomed into a cult internet sensation - starring in a popular series of annual ComicCon videos. In 2010, Fake Stan Lee met the Real Stan Lee in an earth-shattering meeting of the minds (see below). The Real Stan was delighted by Fake Stan, and remains in touch with him today.

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